DIRECTV was looking for new ways to make the programming content (i.e. movies and tv shows) work harder for them. We pitched the “Anywhere” and “Best Of” concepts as solutions.



Programming images have a full takeover in the “Anywhere” concept, seeming to almost place you inside the scene. Movies and television are often an escape, and the magic of that is you can go anywhere when you have DIRECTV.



The “Best Of” concept took a “soft sell” approach. We wanted to position DIRECTV as an expert in entertainment. With so many tv shows and movies at your fingertips on DIRECTV, this email gets you straight to what is best in TV right now.

We wanted this concept to have a “1, 2 punch” to it, so we designed an initial email design and an engagement email to work together. If customers interact with the initial email, but do not make a purchase, they will receive our engagement email later. In the engagement we keep the concept and many design elements the same, but push the offer to the forefront.


Project: Email

Leading up to the Olympics, DTV Now wanted an email that would show people that they could still watch the Olympics from a streaming service.



While we weren’t allowed to call out “the big event” by name, we were able to hint at it using a GIF of video clips in a TV and tablet. We combined clips of popular sports that are fan favorite to watch during the Winter Olympics.

The use of a TV and tablet running the same footage simultaneously drove home the advantage of the mobility you have with a streaming service like DTV Now.