PROJECT: Direct Mail

DIRECTV challenged us to create a new direct mail letter for current wireless customers. We presented three concepts that focused one different features of DIRECTV that connected to their current wireless service using unique formats.



DIRECTV is in this business of entertainment, so we loved the idea of leaning into a show business concept.

The front of this self-mailer teases the reader with a behind-the-scenes view from the curtain on stage. Even the headline works to make the reader curious about what is inside.

Once the letter it opened, the pop-up inside forms a stage featuring the $300 Reward Card customer’s receive when they order DIRECTV. To keep the “show” theme in other visuals, we created a spotlight graphic to highlight the offer.



One of the amazing features of DIRECTV is its app. The image people have of traditional cable is your typical experience of sitting at home in front of the big screen. But with the DIRECTV app, you can take live channels and even your downloaded DVR recordings with you on your mobile screens too.

The main payoff of this concept is the tip-on card pocket in the center of the fold out. The card features a phone with a screen that they can literally take with them. The content is the same in both screens to show the seamless transition between the devices.

Since these customers already have AT&T’s wireless service, they can stream the shows they love on the network they already trust.



DIRECTV’s expansive OnDemand library means getting the best of both worlds: live shows and streaming content. With 45,000+ shows and movies, we wanted to make sure customers know they are getting more when they switch to DIRECTV.

The front features the word “MORE”, large and jam-packed with entertainment scenes.

When you open the letter, the first panel has two tip-on cards. One features the $300 Reward Card offer and the other highlights the four premium channels that are included for the first three months of DIRECTV service. Highlighting these premium channels is another opportunity to show how many options you have with DIRECTV service.

Finally, the imagery at the top of the letter features shows and movies that you can start binging OnDemand as soon as you sign up. Our letter and offer in the body of the letter continue to drive the point home.