AT&T Connected Car


In-car Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly common in cars being sold today. We were tasked with creating emails for several different audiences with access to AT&T Connected Car capabilities.



The “Empty” concept targets a set of customers who have a free trial that is coming to an end. Here we played with tying together the easily recognized Wi-Fi symbol with imagery we are all used to seeing in our car, the gas gauge. The simple GIF has the dial slowly hovering right above Empty, to symbolize that their trial time has almost run out.




The “Home” concept was created for an audience whose credit card has been disconnected. Whether this audience has intentionally disconnected or a credit card has simply expired, we wanted to remind them that anywhere they have internet they can feel at home. There is a sense of comfort and peace to knowing you have a stable connection at your fingertips. Knowing that no matter where you go, you can take all your creature comforts with you.